Guardian article summarizing kerfuffle over shoddy editorial practices

In case you missed it, last month Dorothy Bishop wrote a blog post and a follow up highlighting what might charitably be described as "surprising" editorial practices. This Guardian article summarizes the sad state of affairs.

Matson isn’t the only academic to benefit from what might be generously referred to as an “extremely efficient” review process. Bishop’s analysis also identified other researchers who have published frequently in RIDD and RASD, including Jeff Sigafoos, Mark O’Reilly and Giuliano Lancioni. Bishop has provided data showing that for 73 papers appearing in RASD and RIDD co-authored by these researchers between 2010 and 2014, 17 were accepted the same day that they were received, 13 within one day, and 13 within two days. We contacted Sigafoos and Lancioni with this data, and they responded:

The figures you state for 73 papers is routine practice for papers published in RIDD and RASD. A large percentage of all papers published in any given issue of RIDD and RASD appear to have received a rapid rate of review as indicated would happen in the official editorial policy of these journals.

Kudos to Prof. Bishop and others for pointing out such shockingly appalling behavior.