JOBS: Obleser lab (University of Lübeck) hiring postdocs in auditory cognition

Fantastic opportunity.

We are looking for creative minds with a PhD degree and a promising track record in cognitive neuroscience, psychology, physics, or engineering. A strong background and interest in research methods is desirable. Prior experience with either human neuroscience methods (especially advanced EEG and/or fMRI analyses) or modeling of rich data sets (e.g., latent growth modeling, structural equation modeling) is expected.

12 month MEG postdoc in Cambridge

Great opportunity to work at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit with Matt Davis.

Applications are invited for a post-doctoral scientist to join a team lead by Dr Matt Davis conducting cognitive neuroscientific research on speech processing. The primary objective of this position is to devise, implement, analyse and disseminate behavioural and brain imaging studies of speech perception and comprehension using Magneto- and Electro-encephalography (MEG/EEG). A particular focus will be studies that use time-frequency analyses of oscillatory neural responses, cerebro-acoustic coherence and acoustic decoding methods.

This is a 12 month position in which you will work on projects concerning prediction and expectation in speech perception and comprehension building on work initiated by staff on maternity leave.