Husbands who work long hours linked to wives quitting their jobs (especially with children)

How many hours you work per week may affect your partner's career choices.

Results show that having a husband who works 60 hours or more per week significantly increases women’s odds of quitting by 42 percent (exp[.352] = 1.42). However, having a wife who works 60 hours or more per week does not significantly affect men’s log odds of quitting.

though for those working under 60 hours:

The effect of having a spouse who works 50 hours or more per week is not significant for either men or women.

Effects are stronger in those with children:

Specifically, professional mothers’ odds of quitting increase by 2 times when their husbands work 50 hours or more, and 3.2 times when their husbands work 60 hours or more, as compared with their childless counterparts.

The interesting thing seems not to be the specific numbers, but realizing two partners' professional lives are interdependent, and that one way we can support our partners is to not work more than 60 hours per week (which seems reasonable!).