Jeanette Mumford's online crash course in fMRI stats starts TODAY

Looks great.

Between now and Labor Day weekend (September 4), I plan to have a cram session that covers approximately 3 weeks of a semester-long fMRI data analysis course I previously taught at UT. I’ve chosen these specific topics, because they relate to the questions I’m most frequently asked. The main topics include: linear regression overview, setting up group level design matrices (works for more imaging modalities than just fMRI), mixed models, collinearity, orthogonalization, mean centering regressors, parametrically modulated regressor set up and more!

Every MWF I’ll post a 10-20 minute video and I’ve split them up such that if you hit a topic you already know (e.g. you’re a matrix algebra expert), you can skip to the next video. Instead of zoning out during boring parts of a class, you can just skip ahead to the next part.

And also, good to see that Mumford is on twitter as @mumbrainstats.