What should science look like?

Reimagining of what science should be like from Björn Brembs. Lots of interesting ideas here. I love the idea of being able to explore published data:

I would also be able to double-click on any figure to have a look at other aspects of the data, e.g. different intervals, different intersections, different sub-plots. I’d be able to use the raw data associated with the publication to plot virtually any graph from the data, not just those the others offer me as a static image, as today.

...which requires authors to share their data and link it to publication:

As an author, I want my data to be taken care of by by institution: I want to install their client to make sure every piece of data I put on my ‘data’ drive will automatically be placed in a data repository with unique identifiers.

Bonus points for being posted/published on The Winnower.