Time management strategies that I may have used myself or maybe have observed in colleagues I can't say which

The multibook

The mark of an optimist, with a multi book I simply keep adding multiple meetings to the same time slot and have faith that somehow they will all fit.

Pro: Fit in many more meetings.

Con: More difficult than anticipated to bend space-time continuum.

The "I have faith in you"

Another optimistic approach assumes that most people can solve their own problems and don't actually need my input. By simply not responding to emails for a few weeks or maybe ever people figure things out without help.

Pro: Problems magically disappear!

Con: Everyone hates me.

The "get back to me in three weeks"

A variant of the above this involves a single email that can be copied and pasted:

Thank you for your email! I've seen it but don't have time for a real response right now. If you haven't heard in 3 weeks please get back in touch and I'll do my best to respond.

Pro: Reduces my guilt over not doing things and many times people figure things out on their own.

Con: Occasionally things need doing sooner than 3 weeks.

The Costanza

By looking annoyed and frazzled it's possible to discourage long discussions with people, who assume you are busy. Frequently this occurs naturally due to actual frazzlement and stress, particularly around February 5, June 5, and October 5.

Pro: People leave me alone.

Con: People leave me alone.