Worldwide office hours (WOH, pronounced "woah!")

I'm offering my time to anyone who can benefit. You might want to ask me about:

  • Auditory cognitive neuroscience
  • MRI analysis
  • Grantwriting
  • Statistics
  • Manuscript writing
  • Figure making
  • Programming (as a non-programmer...mostly Matlab)
  • Career advice

...or whatever else you can think of. I hold these hours by video chat (preferably Zoom), unless you are at Wash U in which case you can come to my office.

I would like to prioritize early career researchers (especially graduate students and postdocs), and especially those if you who are underrepresented for any reason. I don't ask about this and it's an open sign up, but if you don't fit these categories please be considerate and try to leave room for others.

NOTE: These are NOT office hours for any classes I teach! If you are in a class that I teach, please refer to the syllabus for office hours.

Ground rules

  • I will give you my full attention during our scheduled slot and help you the best I can. (But take anything I say with a grain of salt! I make plenty of mistakes.)
  • I will not be able to devote time outside the meeting (before or after) for additional reading, coding, thinking, etc. I am happy to help with writing (grants, manuscripts, coding...) but keep your questions to a meeting-sized chunk. (I can skim aims pages and grants pretty quickly.)
  • If anything resembling a conflict of interest comes into play I will tell you.
  • On rare occasions I may need to cancel our meeting, sometimes at the last minute. Sorry!
  • I suspect that some people will be a little intimidated about this sort of thing (I definitely would have been). Please don't be. Or, if you are, don't let it stop you from signing up if I can be of help to you.

Technical details

  • Sign up for a time using the embedded calendar below or going to
  • If at all possible let's meet using zoom. Please set this up ahead of time!
  • I'm happy to talk to a group (e.g., if you want me to sit in on a journal club etc.).