(If you are in my lab, read the lab manual and come talk to me! This is for people outside the lab.)

If I have had you in class I am happy to write you a recommendation (for example, for study abroad programs, summer research programs, or medical school). Please keep in mind the following:

  • The strongest letters of recommendation are written by people who can give specific examples of your work and personality. If I have only had you in class, this is usually difficult to do. So, you may want to consider someone who knows you better than I do.
  • I understand sometimes I am your best option and I am happy to do it. My recommendation will include how you did in my class (hopefully well). If I know you from in-class participation or office hours I will be able to be more specific, which will generally result in a stronger letter.
  • It's best to set up a meeting with me, if possible, so I can talk to you in person about your background and interests.
  • Please make sure I have all of the information at least 2 weeks before the due date (more time is better). Typically I need to know the name of your program, have a CV or other indication of your background (if I need to know more than having you in class), and how to submit the letter (website, email, etc.).
  • Ocassionaly recommendations get lost in my email. Please remind me if the due date approaches and you don't have any evidence I submitted it!