I am available as a consultant for grants and research projects. Although I am happy to advise however I am able, typically this involves expertise with collecting and analyzing functional MRI data (especially for auditory and speech studies), or structural MRI data.  I am also happy to help with grant and manuscript preparation/writing. 

The best analyses and interpretation in the world cannot save a poorly designed study. I can help design your study, and may be particularly helpful in weighing options in auditory fMRI. The best way to analyze neuroimaging data is through the use of automated scripts. Automated analyses save time, reduce the opportunity for human error, and facilitate open science. I have eperience writing scientific articles on a variety of topics and consistently get scored on NIH R* submissions.


My consulting rate is $250/hour for all activities. I keep track of actual time spent; I can bill as hourly or lump sum amounts, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes. Although it varies widely by the project, something in the neighborhood of 10–40 hours per year is generally reasonable. I'm also happy to provide occasional consulting of 1–2 hours at a time as your project goes along.

Full-day consulting (e.g. for a site visit) is $1200/day (plus travel expenses and meals). Part-days are charged hourly or daily, whichever is cheaper.


As a rule I do not expect authorship on projects on which I am a consultant. However, as much as possible, this should be explicitly agreed upon ahead of time, and may depend on the nature of the work. (If you'd like me to help with the theoretical framing and interpretation of results, for example, this might warrant authorship.)


If you are writing a grant on which you would like me to serve as a consultant, please get in touch. If it seems like a good fit I am happy to provide: 

  • A biosketch or CV

  • A letter of support (please provide a draft, which I will modify and send back on letterhead)

  • Initial consultation regarding your project