Nikos Logothetis quits primate research

Huge news. Logothetis' lab has been at the center of numerous aspects of nonhuman primate research, including understanding the neurophysiological underpinnings of the BOLD fMRI signal.

In a letter last week to fellow primate researchers, Logothetis cites a lack of support from colleagues and the wider scientific community as key factors in his decision. In particular, he says the Max Planck Society—and other organizations—should pursue criminal charges against the activists who target researchers.

Logothetis did not seem to feel supported by his colleagues:

Logothetis’s letter also faults his scientific colleagues in Tübingen for distancing themselves from the controversy. The neighboring Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology posted a disclaimer on its website emphasizing that there are no monkeys at the institute, he notes, and colleagues at the nearby Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research refused to issue a declaration of support.

Logothetis is moving to rodents.